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About the Student VISA in Japan

For people that are considering staying in Japan for longer than 3 months, they require a student visa to do so. With a student visa, you can study in Japan for up to 2 years and with a work permit, you are allowed to work up to 28 hours a week whilst you study. The application generally takes around 6 months and require a list of documents in order to make the application.


Decide on a school

Based on your goals and what level of Japanese you'd like to achieve, we recommend you some of the best schools here in Japan. From the list of recommendations, we'll ask you to decide on a school that interests you.



Once you've decided on a school, we send you a simple pre-application form for you to fill in. As Japanese language courses are growing in popularity every year, we send off the application form to the school to confirm their availability and secure a position for you



The school will get back to us to say if the position has been secured or not. If secured, we will ask you to fill in some forms for the official student visa application along with a list of other documents and we will send you an invoice for the service fee*. We will introduce you to other schools if there are no spaces available


Student visa application

Once we have all the necessary documents from you, the school will make the student visa application to the immigration bureau on your behalf to obtain your COE (Certificate of Eligibility). Some additional documents may be required.


Upfront payment

We will send you an invoice for the tuition, accommodation and a non-refundable selection fee to the immigration bureau. Payment to be made within a 5 days of the invoice issuance.


Apply for the student visa

Once the COE is issued, the school email the original document to you directly. With that document you will go to the local Japanese Embassy to obtain your student visa (normally takes around a week). For those who wish to work part-time during their studies will need to apply for a work permit at the same time.

Service Fee

What is it?

This is part of the total tuition fee. We receive a fee from the school for introducing students and this is what allows us to offer our services for FREE!

*The amount you would pay through us or through the school is exactly the same.


When do I pay this?

Once you've decided on a school, we will confirm that they have space and whether or not they will bewilling to accept you or not. Once confirmed we will send you the invoice for the service fee.

Only when the service fee is paid, will we be able to start you visa application process and give you acces to the free online Japanese lesson.


What if I cancel?

The service fee is fully refundable (minus the bank transaction fees)

until the student visa application submission.

If you choose to cancel after the student visa application, the student visa application fee and the school registration fee will be deducted from the refund amount.

Servic Fee

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