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We connect with 37 schools all over Japan

Please ask our consultants for more options. 

Education First, Shibuya 

An excellent language school located in the centre of Shibuya. The view from the school grasps the true beauty of Tokyo's cityscape. Education First is a multinational organization with over 50 locations around the world. 

  • Residence Available

  • Price Range: $1k - 2k per week 

  • Availability: Limited Availability (3 Seats)


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Genki JACS

One of three schools out of hundreds of schools in Japan to be certified by IALC. Creates a very friendly, home-like environment. The school focuses on experience based learning, and their homestay program is one of a kind. Staff can provide support to students in Spanish, French, and  Portuguese. Students often travel around Tokyo and Fukuoka to learn about both pop and traditional culture.

  • Residence Available

  • Price Range: $500 - 1k per week 

  • Availability: Limited Availability (5 Seats)

Tokyo Sushi Academy

Either if you are looking for a career changing opportunity or a fun experience, the Tokyo Sushi Academy offers courses from 5 days to 6 weeks. 

  • Certificate is issued at the end of the course

  • Price Range: $500 - 1k per week 

  • Availability: Limited Availability (1 Seat)

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