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Language trip in Japan
We find the perfect school to experience culture activities
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Who we are

At StudyIn Japan, a proud member of the Blued Group, we stand as Japan's largest travel and educational agency. 
Since 2012, we've enabled over 10,000 people each year
to explore new places, experience diverse cultures,
and gain personal insights through travel.

Why Us?

Meet our consultants 

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Alejandro Pascual


Fluent in 11 languages, he has always considered the world his home. With academic stints in Japan, South Korea, and China, he expertly bridges cultures. Currently based in Tokyo, he leverages his global experiences in his former role as a country manager for a U.S. trading company.

What our customers say

Real Experiences:
Student Reviews

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🇺🇸 USA, 31 years old 

April 2024



“StudyIn is a highly helpful service for connecting with opportunities abroad. The sign-up process is easy, and they support you from Day 1 until well after you arrive in your chosen country. StudyIn has been invaluable in addressing any questions or concerns I’ve had since deciding to go abroad. For the few things they couldn’t help with immediately, they directed me to the right resources. I highly recommend them to anyone considering studying or working abroad but unsure of the process.”


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