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You Could Be Saying...

I've learnt so much at school!

Schools are scouted and selected by our staff regularly. We only offer schools we trust. 

I honestly love my homestay parents!

At StudyIn, we offer a variety of accommodation options. We can offer homestay programs, share-homes, or even personal apartments.

You guys would not believe how cool our tours were!

We are the only agent to provide our students with city tours. Explore the beauty of Japan through our experienced guides. 


StudyIn partnered schools are carefully selected by our local staff. We judge schools based on education material, safety, and enjoyment.


Our support service that helps you live and study in Japan doesn't cost you anything!

You pay the exact amount of tuition to the school with or without our help, so there is no reason not to use us!


We host weekly social events. Theres an opportunity for everyone to make new like-minded friends, and share what they have learnt.


All of our consultants have tremendous experience with airline booking assistance and government applications in order to ensure the safest, fastest travel experience.



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Name, Title

The First Japanese-Operated Study Abroad Agent

No other company knows Japan inside and out as much as us. Our strong team consisting of both native and foreign backgrounds will deliver an effortless experience like no other. 

We focus on getting our job done with Japanese precision, but we're also fun and games when it comes to hospitality

?Why Are We Different

Unlike other competitors, we treat our clients like family. We know that travelling to Japan is a huge commitment on your part, and we would love to do anything to make you feel at home in this mysterious country.

What Your Schedule Would Look Like


Airport Pick-Up ✈️

Difference in Time-Zones and Language often confuse many visitors upon their arrival. Our staff will pick up our clients from the airport.


Welcoming Party! 🎉

A chance to meet and interact with like-minded individuals, with Japanese food and drinks on the side! 


Tokyo/Osaka Tour ⛩️

An (almost) complete tour of Tokyo/Osaka. Experience first-hand both Traditional and Popular Japanese culture through our English tour guides.


A Walk Back to your New Residence 🚶‍♂️

A safe, guided tour back to your new home for the next few days, months, or years! Any help with the utilities or unit can be handled by our English speaking staff.


One invite lasts forever! 🎈

Once you're invited, you're invited to all of our parties. Come back and share your experiences, learn about new places to go from friends and staff. Test out your new Japanese skills here too! 

Let's Get Started.



Great for short summer breaks, or a short summer experience before going back to school or work. Students focus on experience based learning as well as classroom time.

  • Starting from one week to 6 months (3 weeks for the best experience)

  • Student visa application is not required 



For professionals or experienced travellers looking to enrich their Japanese. Students focus on classroom based learning, as well as some experience based activities. Students are able to experience part-time work.

  • Starting from one week to 6 months (3 weeks for the best experience)

  • Student visa application is required 

  • Part time work is allowed




Costs are varied for short term students but here are some tips to keep in mind: 

  • Avoid summers. Not only would it keep costs down, you can avoid the summer heat.

  • Longer the better. We recommend 3 weeks for the best cost performance

  • Bring your friends. We offer discounted rates for group travellers 



Costs Starting from one week to 6 months\

  • Student visa application is required 

  • Part time work is allowed

Our Alumni

Mitchell, 21

It was a journey I would never forget. Tokyo is such a wonderful city to experience and study in. 

Breton, 24

StudyIn made my travel experience so simple. Counsellors and local staff were extremely helpful and so kind!

Ryan, 22

Using this agency was probably the best decision I've made during my entire trip to Japan.


All our staff are proficient in English and Japanese. Our office is located about 10 km away from our partnered schools.



Fill in Your Information and Receive: 

  • Free Consultation via Phone, E-mail, Facebook Messenger, or Whatsapp

  • Free 1 Hour Online 1-to-1 Basic Japanese Lesson*

  • Detailed Visa Evaluation 

  • School and Housing Details

*Limited availability. Priority is given to the first 10 customers of each month. 


  • Designers 

  • Musicians 

  • Pilots 

  • Diplomats 

  • Artists 

  • Mechanics 

  • Translators 

  • Marketers

  • Politicians 

  • Chefs 

  • Animators 

  • Bloggers 

  • DJs 

  • Lawyers 

  • Dancers

  • Writers 

Current or Future...

  • Nurses 

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Astronauts

  • Engineers

  • Sumo Wrestlers

  • Waitresses 

  • Flight Attendants

  • Race Car Drivers 

  • Photographers 

  • Accountants 

  • Doctors 

  • Instagram Models 

  • Veterinarians 

  • Programmers

  • Fitness Trainers

  • And More... 

Entry Form



We will respond to you as soon as possible with school & visa information!

LINE: @797mnipb

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Add us with the above ID or tap / scan QR code to connect with us!

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