KAI Japanese Language School

Diverse! Professional! Career-Oriented! 

School Information

Kai Japanese Language School was established in 1987, and has served students worldwide for over 30 years. The teachers here at Kai Japanese Language School are composed of teachers from extensive and established backgrounds. The school atmosphere is bright and calm. Most of the students at Kai Japanese Language School come to learn with a career goal in mind. The school offers multiple career networking events, JLPT exam preparation courses, and business language courses for those interested in pursuing a career in Japan.

Features of the School

Great for Westerners

Kai has been educating students from numerous Western countries since they were founded, making them an ideal school for students who find Japanese difficult because of how vastly different it is from Western languages. 

English-Speaking Staff 

English-speaking staff is always available to assist you with any troubles you might have during your time at Kai.

Student Lounge

Relax and spend time with your fellow students or spend time studying with your peers in the student lounge. 

Great Access

With the nearest station (Shin-Okubo) being one station away from Shinjuku and 10 minutes away from Shibuya, you will have plenty of opportunities to visit the great spots in Tokyo. 


Kai supports you throughout the process of finding a job, all the way to employment. Kai does everything to prepare you for the Japanese workforce, from teaching you business Japanese to practicing interviews with you. 


Even if you have absolutely no knowledge of Japanese you don't have to worry. You can start from the absolute beginning with this school. 


Kai Language School offers three accommodation types: 

Homestay Type A or B

A homestay family could be a life changing influence and can offer students with the correct guidance and emotional assistance during their stay. Homestay families will offer both breakfast and dinner for their students. Kai language school, like many other schools goes through a rigorous process when it comes to selecting their homestay families. 

  • Type A homestay residences offer spaces for 1-2 students.

  • Type B homestay residences offer spaces for 3 or more students. Type B students can experience living with a culturally diverse group of students.

Enjoy freedom with a Share-house type housing. Bedrooms can be private or shared with another student. A fully functional Japanese kitchen, a shower and bath, and a clean living room are included. These Share-houses are located approximately 30 minutes away from the school. Share-houses can create new relationships and bonds. 


Kai Language School has its strengths in the courses that they offer. They offer the following: 

General Japanese Language Course
Business Language Course
Practical Conversation Course
Age 50+ Course 
Summer Courses


3 Months                  ¥268,000

Half Year                   ¥486,000

9 Months                ¥724,000

1 Year                     ¥902,000

*All General Course students are required to use an iPad for their lessons. A rental iPad can be rented for ¥12,000 a term. If you wish to use your own iPad, it must be iPad Air 2 (2014) or later, 9.7" and above.


  1. Diverse group of students 

  2. Large selection of courses and lots of flexibility

  3. Professional courses for career oriented people

  4. Fun experiences for Summer School and Mature Clients

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