ISI Japanese Language School

Career/University Support. 4 Campuses. Diverse. 

School Information

ISI Japanese Language School has four campuses; Takadanobaba and Ikebukuro which are located in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Nagano. With hundreds of students at each campus and the residences, there are many opportunities to make new friends that would last a lifetime. ISI offers a variety of Japanese language courses and extensive post-graduation support. Employment opportunities and university entrance information are provided for students.  

Great for Westerners

ISI has been educating students from numerous Western countries since they were founded, making them an ideal school for students who find Japanese difficult because of how vastly different it is from Western languages. 

English-Speaking Staff 

There will always be English-speaking staff available to assist you with any troubles you might have during your time at ISI. 

Great Locations 

With 4 campuses located in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Nagano you can experience many sides of Japan that are commonly left unseen by students. 


ISI supports you throughout the process of finding a job, all the way to employment. ISI does everything to prepare you for the Japanese workforce, from teaching you business Japanese to practicing interviews with you. 

Unique Cultural Experiences

ISI provides many experience-based learning classes in which you learn Japanese through many cultural experience activities. Some examples include, taking part in a tea ceremony, Zen meditation, tours across the cities that you are studying in. 


There are 3 types of residences at ISI Japanese Language School 


ISI Japanese Language School will introduce a local family for your homestay experience. Breakfast is included with your homestay parents. You can also add dinners if you would like. Most students build a close relationship with their homestay family, and make a connection with them. The homestay option is limited to 12 Weeks. This option is great for students who want to learn Japanese more quickly, experience the authentic Japanese lifestyle, or for students who are looking for some guidance. (165,100 yen/4 weeks)

Student House

ISI offers great student housing near campus. Dorms are supervised by residence advisors for safety. Students can choose to live in either a private room, double, or triple room. It is a great way to socialize and make like-minded friends from all around the world. The student houses are equipped with a large space to lounge in, and a great patio where you can chat with friends. 

Guest house

Experience Student house, but with a bit more freedom. The Guest house is a house with private bedrooms, a shared kitchen, living rooms and patios. This is a great way to communicate and live with people of different nationalities. Many create long-lasting friendships at the Guest house.


General Japanese Language Course
Standard Japanese Language Course
Top University Preparation Course

*Each ISI campus also offers unique courses. For example, Kyoto campus offers a Cultural Experience Course and Nagano campus offers winter sports and nature activities. 


1 Month                    ¥94,550

3 Months                  ¥201,500

6 Months                  ¥450,000

1 Year                     ¥823,000

*Every program in Nagano is slightly cheaper than programs in the other campuses. The Short Term Practical Japanese Course offered in Kyoto is slightly more expensive than programs in other campuses. 


  1. A large campus with great staff and students 

  2. Great university preparation program 

  3. Exciting opportunities to make new friends 

  4. Experience based learning opportunities 

  5. Diverse student groups, ranging from the casual students to focused students

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