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Japanese & Culture School


Photo by Genki Japanese and Language School


Genki Tokyo


Genki JACS Kyoto is located only minutes away from the famous Gion district. 

The new Genki JACS Kyoto is indeed a great place to study the Japanese language

whilst taking in the traditional Japanese culture.

They offer a diverse range of activities for you to take part in as well, 

so you can experience Japan to its fullest.


Flexible schedule

Small class sizes

Fun and experience


Large ratio of 

Western students

Highly qualified 




General Japanese

+ Conversational*

+ Traditional Culture

+ Pop Culture

Private Lesson

(*Not available to complete beginners)

Example course structures you can take:

1. Japanese + Conversation Lessons: 

Talk to local Japanese friends!​​

(Advanced Students Only)

2. Japanese + Traditional Culture: 

Learn about Traditional Japanese Culture 

3. Japanese + Pop Culture:

Learn about Popular Culture such as Anime and Video Game Culture

Short Term Course

(1 week ~ )

Course start timings for absolute beginner:

Course start timings for students with Japanese language experience:

Every Month

Every Monday

Course Length


The school is located a short walk away from the famous Gion district,

and if you don't mind walking you can get to another Kyoto landmark, Kiyomizu Dera

under 30 minutes.

Close by Train Stations

Kyoto - Kawaramachi Station

5 minute walk

Kiyomizu Gojō Station

8 minute walk

Shijō Station

12 minute walk

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