Genki Japanese & Culture School

Friendly & fun! Small class size.

Photo by Genki Japanese and Language School

School Information

Located in the center of the Shinjuku-District, Genki JACS holds the friendliest atmosphere. Bilingual staff are always there for family-like support. Afternoons are spent either watching Japanese anime or movies with friends or exploring iconic or minor parts of Tokyo. Genki JACS maintains its great reputation with their small classroom size ranging from 5-8 students per class. There is also a great range of flexibility with their lesson plans that allow students to learn effectively at their own pace. 


There are four types of residences at Genki JACS:


Genki JACS will arrange the best-suited host family for you. Breakfast is included with your host family. You can also add dinners if you like. 
Students build a great relationship with their host family and form a close connection like no other. Genki JACS works with trustworthy and reputable families only.

Guesthouse (private room)

Live together with new friends from other countries or local Japanese students. Genki JACS offers the perfect guesthouse with shared living spaces, but a comfortable private room to sleep and study in.

Dormitory (shared room)

Live the University/College dorm experience. Share a room with another like-minded student. Genki JACS offers shared room housing for students. Life long friends are often found here. 

Private Apartment

Live with complete freedom in a private apartment. Located in Downtown Tokyo, it is a great way to spend your stay in Tokyo. Wi-Fi access is provided without extra charge. 


Not only does Genki offer traditional language courses, but Genki JACS also offer the following lessons for an extra 42,500 Yen a week: 

  1. Japanese + Conversation Lessons - Talk to local Japanese friends!​​ (Advanced Students Only)

  2. Japanese + Traditional Culture - Learn about Traditional Japanese Culture 

  3. Japanese + Pop Culture - Learn about Popular Culture such as Anime and Video Game Culture


  1. European Languages Focused 

  2. Friendly and Bilingual Staff

  3. IALC Certification, STM Star Awards 

  4. Fun, and experience-oriented 

  5. Clean and comfortable accommodation

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