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Registration Process​

1) How much Japanese do I need to know to be able to register?

2) How does the registration process work?

3) How is StudyIn connected to the schools that you offer?

About my course...

1) How are language schools selected?

2) Is there any specific starting date for a course?

3) How far in advance will I have to register?

4) How and when do I pay for my course?


5) Will I receive some sort of certification at the end of my course?

6) Can I change my course after registration? 

7) Are there only two courses? Will I have to choose between a 4 week and 12 month program?

About my accommodation...

1) When will I receive details on my accommodation?

2) How are host families selected?

3) How will my roommate be selected? Can I pick them?

4) Can I change my accommodation during my course?

About my Visa...

1) Will I need a visa for a 4 week program?

2) How will you assist me in getting a visa?

3) Are visas offered to all nationalities? 

4) Will I get a visa from any school that I choose?

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