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 crescat scientia vita excolatur 

 Tokyo-naut [ˈtəʊkɪəʊnɔːt]

        Tokyo-naut is a collaborative art project with StudyIn. This project documents the people of Tokyo in their purest form. We set our sails and explore far and wide and look through every nook and cranny in Tokyo.

Traveling is about meeting new people, gathering new ideas, and most importantly, exploring yourself.


What would you say to your son/daughter before seeing them for the last time?

"Don't take life too seriously. Have fun."

"The world changes rapidly. Your dream job can fall apart in a matter of months. Adapt to your surroundings."

"Be nice to everyone. They're all worth a million dollars in the eyes of their mom."

"Don't be a comedian. I had more money in elementary school. But don't get me wrong, I love my job."

"Live with no regrets, young one!"

"Make that bet. Get that loan. As long as you feel confident about it."

"Don't judge a book by its cover. Theres a beautiful human inside."

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