Akamonkai Japanese Language School

Career/University Orientated. Supportive. Small Class Size.

School Information

Akamonkai was established in 1985 and has educated over 20,000 graduates from over 80 countries. The teachers in Akamonkai all have extensive experience in Japanese language education and come from various backgrounds. Classes are divided into 13 levels, all organized according to the skill level of the students. The school offers courses in general Japanese, JLPT and university entrance exam preparation, and business language for those hoping to pursue a career in Japan. Akamonkai offers an excellent support system in which students can receive help finding accommodation, scholarships, and part time jobs.


Akamonkai offers one accommodation type:


Dormitory (4 different locations, shared room)

Live the University/college dorm experience. Share a room with a like-minded student in one of the many student dorms offered by Akamonkai. Life long friends are often made here. All dormitories are equipped with kitchen appliances, furniture, and internet.


  1. General Course- General Japanese and JLPT preparation

  2. University Preparatory Curriculum- General Japanese + EJU preparation

  3. Business Employment Class- General Japanese + Business Japanese and Business IT skills

  4. Internship & Job-Support Class- Business Employment Class + Internship

  5. Short-term Course- General Japanese in a shorter term

  6. Special Short Programs- Japanese in the morning + Activities in the afternoon


  • Preparation for the JLPT, EJU, and pursuing a career in Japan

  • 13 levels of classes to suit students of all skill levels

  • Multilingual staff who can support you through your stay

  • Safe, clean, and comfortable accommodation

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